The First Post is the Hardest

Hello there, and welcome to my blog!

This blog will be primarily a book blog. I intend to use this blog for three purposes:

Firstly, as a means of strengthening my own writing skills. I like writing and I often find that I go through months and years without writing anything to justify such a claim. I hope to rectify this.

Secondly, to encourage myself to read books regularly. Doing an English Lit degree for four years has just about burnt me out and I hope having the freedom to peruse what I want now and having this blog as another impetus will rekindle my interest in reading.

And thirdly, I intend to blog in order to have a taste of what blogging is all about. I would just like a platform to talk a bit about the ones that I have just newly read, whether as a point of interest about its history or its author, or how a book has made me think and feel a certain something, and see where it all takes me, however tangential it gets. I hope to blog to get more out of books by taking the time to invest some thinking behind them.

Therefore, my “reviews” won’t be marking books out of ten or gushingly summarising their worth in clichéd terms such as page-turners or eye-openers.

In terms of what I will be reading… well, there is no particular theme. The piles of books on my shelves, recommendations from friends (and potentially other bloggers *nudge nudge*), and spontaneous purchases will constitute my reading list. Anything goes, no limitations. If I am intrigued, I will read it. The classics, non-fiction, contemporary lit, local lit… I quite enjoy American literature, especially naturalism, and I have a weakness for magical realism so perhaps this will provide some consistency in genre throughout this process.

At heart, this will be a book blog but no doubt my ideology behind all this will change and I might end up being way more open and focused upon other media such as TV shows and films, or even some real life events and experiences. We’ll see.

If you like what you read then please feel free to comment or follow me on various other networks to your heart’s content!


Jazzing up the first post with a duck eating pizza, what of it?


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