Behind the Scenes at The Word in Edgeways

Well, folks. It’s time things get personal as I share some crumbs of the big ol’ biscuit that is my life.

The title implies that The Word in Edgeways even has scenes that one can look behind but the reality is that nine times out of ten the work behind this blog is just me lying tucked up in bed wearing nothing but boxer briefs, drafting and redrafting blog posts and finding funny images and gifs to use from the comforts of a laptop. Sorry to deceive you like this. There is no brightly-lit office where I excitedly type at a messy pine desk with a pile of worn books in the corner and a mug of black sugary tea in my hand (partly because liquids and technology don’t mix as I know all too well). This is the unglamorous reality of blogging, or at least, this is my reality.


An accurate representation of how I productively spend my time

For the three people that actually take time to read my blog, you will have noticed that there has been a seven week spell of radio silence. I have been away on various holidays, enjoying post-graduation freedom in the sun and spending my savings on continental beer. (I have even made a post about some of it!) This summer seems to be the only time that I could get to enjoy some time off without feeling the guilt or pressure that comes with being a recent and unemployed graduate. Right now, I am experiencing that paradoxical limbo whose antipodes can be summarised as “Enjoy your freedom while you can” against “Why haven’t you got a job yet?”.


Fantastic view of the end of festival fireworks from our roof!

I am currently living in Edinburgh for the foreseeable future, beavering away with the big hunt(s) for employment, turning over pebbles in the hope that an offer, and even an further interview, will manifest. Though such times are hard and frustrating, I am feeling optimistic. Staying in Edinburgh is great though, despite the fact that most of my friends I made at uni have gone back home and are scattered around the rest of the UK and beyond. There is something about Edinburgh as a city that makes this all OK. Edinburgh has something indescribably magnetic about it, a city that offers to me hope and inspiration despite my not-so fortunate circumstances, and so here I stay. One bonus this year is that I have secured a spare room right next to the castle, and I mean, right next to the castle, which means I get to live my life in the beating heart of the city.

So, yeah, The Word in Edgeways is going to crack on. I am going to try to keep a better handle on things so please stay tuned. Expect more “reviews”, and I will probably blog more generally, too. I appreciate all the followings and likings and everything! Feedback is always welcome too – do my posts make you want to claw your eyes out from their pretentiousness? Please let me know.



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