Behind the Scenes at The Word in Edgeways #2

A month without posting. I make no apologies.

Though I guess I should explain why: first of all, I now have employment! Having just arrived in London, I was extremely lucky to land confirmed work in the same week as getting here. Seriously, extremely damn lucky. I am interning in the centre of London at a market research/consultancy kinda place which is very fun – when I’m not doing data entry, I actually get to write the odd piece or two which is great. Everyone is nice and friendly, I’m really enjoying it and learning so much about writing and the working world and all that stuff (particularly how to efficiently use a Mac…). Readjusting my body clock to a 9-5 was traumatic but I actually feel better for it.

Over the December I wasn’t actually working. Besides finishing off a colossal doorstopper, I just could not be arsed reading anything else. My Tsundoku post captures this weird malaise I get with reading and blogging together in further detail, but I just couldn’t be sacked. Reading a book and blogging about it in detail is time-consuming and although I like to write and I am still as interested in literature and books and films and TV as ever, I just didn’t have the energy to do anything about it. Moving to a new place combined with excessive social drinking throughout the holiday period inevitably put book blogging far down my list of priorities.Feelings

So is this the post where I vow to change for the better now that it’s the New Year? No. I don’t want to make any promises that I might not keep. Now that I am no longer a NEET (at least, for the time being), I don’t have the same free time and responsibilities as I do now. My blog may not be updated so frequently but I will do my best to be conscious of offering something now and again. I don’t know. Over the past six or seven months, I can’t really see my blog experiment developing or changing into anything bigger for many reasons, reasons that I now realise all boil down to post consistency, my self-indulgent writing style (apparently a big no-no in the world of blogging successfully) and my own aversion to social media publicity (err… what? Shu’up). These things might change in the future. Nevertheless, I do like writing for its own sake. I actually have some real writing projects for other people in the works on top of the ones I have to do as an intern so unfortunately these will take priority over this blog.

So that’s that. Till next time, who knows when that will be.


3 responses to “Behind the Scenes at The Word in Edgeways #2

  1. I came here solely for the brilliant use of that Cole Phelps/#Feelings .gif and I found a lovely post! Congrats on the internship! Hope it’s going well (date entry is a little boring though). Are you still in London, per chance? 🙂

    • Hello, thanks for the follow and many likes. I enjoy that gif too!

      My internship is going well, thanks, though it has definitely taken its toll on my blogging frequency. I’m still in London now, I’m living here full time for the foreseeable future…

      • Hello to you too 🙂 I love dishing out the likes – they’re like the Internet’s version of sweets. Or hugs. Or both. Either way, I’m just glad to have found an hilariously awesome blog to grace my WordPress Reader with.

        Hope you get back to blogging soon. Pretty interested to what you’ve been reading/watching. I’ve lived in London for most of my life (16, soon to be 17 years). Though commuting isn’t too great of an experience on my way to and from uni. If you’re up for it, would love to meet you sometime for a coffee and chat.

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