Book | A Monster Calls – Patrick Ness

Didn’t I warn you that my blog would be left abandoned to the wind? Here’s a short post.

Let me confess to some unashamed literary snobbery right now. I didn’t fancy reading this book at first. It was a recommendation from my sister. I’m not saying she has bad taste – she doesn’t – but we differ very much in what we enjoy reading. We have read many books that we have both enjoyed (and she recommended Naive. Super to me which I liked) but her reading habits are very different to my own. She can get through books a lot faster than I can because she is a page skipper (such criminal behaviour!) and because the kind of books that she likes are kinda similar to this in density and investment.

A Monster CallsThe literary snob in me is usually attracted to books that have won some kind of award. This book won plenty but I was still put off. I’m not into teenage fiction, particularly from a trashy genre like horror. Stop throwing your rotten fruit.

But at the end of it, I was impressed.

The book is about a boy called Conor who is visited each night by a strange nightmare – a tree in his backyard talks creepily to him. Conor has to put up with this tree while dealing with his ill mother, snashy friends at school and generally the troubles of being a young kid going through maturity.

I hate limp teenage drivel about overcoming yourself and melodrama over things that would make your eyes roll, but this book doesn’t turn out to be like that. Without giving it away, it’s worth that read because it pulls off themes that teeter on the border of cliché and ends up being about something completely unexpected and pulled off in a nice way. It also has some stunning visuals as you read along.

If you want a short and pleasantly surprising read, this is definitely worth an hour or two of your day.

That’s that. Thanks for reading.


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